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Kvalita Procezo

At Etone Technology, quality is the top concern—and with great quality comes great customer relationships. Every step of the way, our staff and internal processes ensure that your order will be done to your specifications. We build success together, to deliver positive outcomes, every time.

Etone Technology works under our ISO 9001 certifications. We operate on specialized equipment with validated processes to ensure consistent, quality-driven work. Below you will find an overview of the process we have developed to produce parts that meet your needs every time.


Proceza Analizo

Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Estimate, Contract Review, Acknowledgement, and Production

Our team of engineers reviews your specs, evaluates the machining needs for your project, makes suggestions for DFM, and provides an estimate for your order.

Aĉetado de Krudmaterialoj

Jiesheng sources only the highest-quality materials from trusted suppliers. During the process analysis phase, our team will determine where to procure the materials needed for your project.


Upon material receipt, our shop schedulers create job travelers to maintain material traceability, record training information and gaging data, and track completed work throughout all stages of production. Our shop and quality managers provide oversight to ensure that out our quality plan is carried out as jobs travel throughout the shop at various machining centers.

Malĉefaj Operacioj

When necessary, our team works with approved outside vendors to complete processes such as plating, coating, Anodizing, heat treating, and other services that allow us to provide a turnkey operation. When using third-party services, we ensure that the traceability of your part and material is maintained and that only reputable sources are trusted with your products.


Parts are inspected during each stage of production, including First Article Inspection (FAI) as required. Our focus is on zero defects and complete success with every part and project. Only after we ensure that parts comply with all of your requirements will we release them for delivery.


All items are packaged to mitigate damage to the functionality of the part in transit. We take all preventative measures possible to inhibit rust/corrosion and to protect finish and threaded parts.